Consumer Law Protection is dedicated to protecting your rights

With extensive experience in the collection industry, we have the expertise to protect victims from abusive and illegal debt collection practices. We understand that it may be difficult to seek help, so we ensure that each client is treated with the utmost respect and understanding – without judgment.

Your rights are valuable

Let us protect them

Endless Debt Letters?

You can make debt collectors cease contact and pay you for their violations!                                                                   

Credit Issues?

Stop inaccurate reporting!  Your rights under the FCRA help keep your credit report accurate and the credit reporting agencies accountable.

Nonstop "Robocalls"?

The TCPA helps consumers fight autodialed “robo-calls” with compensation per each violation.

Calls to Your Work?

You have rights to protect yourself against debt collection harassment, which may entitle you to damages.

Served With Papers?

The FDCPA protects you against confusing, misleading, threatening, or deceptive collection practices that may seem ‘legit’.

Debt Contagion?

Employment, family members, and reputations can suffer at the hands of debt collectors. Simple or complex, we are here to help.

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Legal matters are complex and debt can impact other areas of your life.
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Debt collectors and credit bureaus are not your friends!

Consumer Law Protection is.

The goal of any debt collector or credit reporter is to maximize the amount of money that they get out of you and to gather personal information.

Neither the collection industry, nor credit reporters, are on the side of consumers!

Debt collectors only focus on growing profits at consumers' expense, often through a variety of harmful and unlawful collection practices.

Consumer Law Protection's collection industry insider experience is now on your side.

Why Consumer Law Protection?

Extensive knowledge of consumers' rights under federal and state law

The experience to help you pursue claims for damages that you may be entitled to

A commitment to client-centered legal representation

A dedication to help consumers

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