Questions & Answers

Where does Consumer Law Protection work?

Is my consultation free?

Yes – Consumer Law Protection will evaluate your debt or credit reporting matter for potential legal violations, free of charge, and advise about any fee arrangements prior to beginning representation to recover for any identified violations. Call or email consumer Law Protection today if:

  • You’re not sure about a collection letter you received
  • Debt collectors are harassing you over the phone.
  • You’re having issues with errors on your credit report
  • Other areas of your life are being impacted by debt/credit reporting issues.

Consultations are completely judgment-free, and the firm is experienced in a variety of credit/debt circumstances. Professional attorney duties and obligations regarding prospective clients, and the confidentiality of their information, apply to consultations with CLP.

How will my claim be evaluated?

Any matter discussed with Consumer Law Protection, whether imminent financial ruin or simply a question about a call or letter received, will be taken seriously and with a sincere desire to help, if the firm is able to do so. Once a potential claim is presented to CLP, the stages of case evaluation are as follows:

  • Initial consultation
  • Gathering of facts and analysis of claim
  • Case strategy analysis
  • Recommendation to prospective client and decision whether to proceed with claim

Each evaluation is undertaken with an understanding of the potential client’s individual circumstances and goals in mind. Individuals’ stories are listened to, and an understanding of the matter is generated, from which CLP will analyze the available facts.

If the facts of a particular matter indicate that violations of law and/or the rights of a potential client have occurred, CLP will then evaluate the case as a whole, including the odds of success at trial and the potential for a recovery in the matter. CLP will clearly explain its recommendation for whether or not CLP can proceed with a matter, and will take the time to address your questions.

What is litigation like?

Sometimes disputes, misunderstandings, and wrongful conduct can be resolved with good faith and polite requests, alone. When that is not the case – litigation may be necessary to enforce your rights. Litigation generally follows the following pattern:

  • Attorney engagement and case strategy determination
  • Factual investigation and civil discovery
  • Settlement negotiations or trial
  • Settlement or verdict
  • Judgment or appeal

Consumer Law Protection has the experience to guide you through each each stage of litigation, and the dedication to win the best possible outcome for you.

Settlement or trial?

Each client is unique, as are the factual circumstances making up their case. These facts can paint a clearer, or less clear, picture of liability in a particular matter, which may affect whether a matter gets settled before trial, or must be pursued through trial. Factors impacting settlement potential:

  • The underlying facts, and the evidence supporting them
  • How clear liability, and damages, are from the facts
  • The value of the claim
  • Defendant patterns and practices

Consumer Law Protection has the experience to settle claims without a trial when it is in the best interest of the client, as well as the ability to favorably see matters through trial when necessary.

Why are office meetings by appointment only?

Office meeting are by appointment only so that we may offer each client the attention they deserve, without interruption. Additionally, many of the cases that we file require regular court appearances and depositions.

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